Director’s Choice

Four-Way, Continuously Variable Masking Screen System

The ultimate marriage of the world’s finest screen material and the most precise masking system

Director’s Choice is the pinnacle statement for cinema presentation. Four, individually motorized masking panels move flawlessly across the screen as directed by the supplied digital system controller, or via interface with a third party control system of your choice. Any aspect ratio can be stored at any scale via independently joggable masking fabrics. You can specify any aspect ratio as the native “all open” image area, to exactly pair the screen to your choice of projector. Any Stewart front projection 16K+ screen fabric can be selected, as well as MicroPerf X² THX Ultra for sound transparency. The fascia is finished in a luxurious black Velux covering, and all masking fabric options have been carefully sourced to complete this stunning machine.

There’s a reason why this screen is such a big seller

Beautifully built from start to finish and hands down, the best masking system that money can buy. This precision screen is perfect in every way.

Pixel for pixel perfection in any aspect ratio

The Director’s Choice screen allows you to present content at the scale that looks best. The masking will follow your intention perfectly. If you have a classic film in Scope that looks grainy when displayed in full width, you can bring it down and matte it at a size that works well visually. Critical decisions in content are always made in pixel for pixel resolution. Director’s Choice guarantees that your screen is properly formatted no matter what.

Creating durable assets for the life of the building

The Director’s Choice is made of the finest materials available and built to the highest standards of quality. From our acoustically transparent masking panels and the aircraft grade aluminum we use in the framing, to our meticulous attachment of our 16K+ screen materials to the frame, no other screen company builds to the exacting quality of Stewart.