Daily Dual

Dual Screen System for 2D and 3D Applications

A powerful combination of two, high performance projection screens in one screen system

Originally designed for use in post-production, the Daily Dual offers two different screens in one screen system. This unique configuration consists of an electric roll down screen positioned in front of a fixed frame screen. A typical application would be use of a polarization preserving Silver 3D or Silver 5D fabric in the fixed frame, first position and a SnoMatte surface in the roll down, second position. Digital intermediate teams can quickly change back and forth from 2D to 3D workflow in seconds. Stewart also makes a version of the Daily Dual with four, independent channels of masking for fully matted, pixel for pixel perfection. This screen is worth every penny.

Who needs this specialty screen?

Post-production houses that have substantial 3D workflow, but also have to shift gears and do post-production work for Blu-Ray, streaming, and broadcast formatted releases, delight in the Daily Dual’s thirty second screen change utility.

Would masking be helpful?

The Daily Dual can be integrated into either two-way or four-way masking functionality. Typical post-production D.I. workflow thrives with the assistance of two-way masking, showing Scope as an attenuated set of horizontal lines which are inside the Academy Flat native ratio of 1.85:1. To meet this requirement, a set of horizontal, digitally controlled masking panels are integrated into the Daily Dual screen system. Stewart also offers the Daily Dual Director’s Choice — a dual screen system with pixel for pixel masking utility via four-way, digitally controlled masking panels.