FideLEDy Vision

Flexible, Diffusing LED Enhancement System with Anti-Moiré

An innovative and lasting LED enhancement solution to eliminate distracting moiré effect

A breakthrough product, FideLEDy Vision maximizes functionality and value for LED displays. FideLEDy Vision artfully merges the pixel elements, reducing screen door effect and moiré interference when filming or shooting photography of LED wall units. This revolutionary enhancement also removes the excess glossy and lamplight appearance which is a signature look of LED. FideLEDy Vision will also improve off-axis color rendition. A truly innovative product.

Fabric engineered to optimize LED display image quality

FideLEDy Vision makes a huge impact for set designers working with television broadcasting, keynote webcasting, and any other sort of photography surrounding the use of LED displays. Experience excellent transmission, black level, and just the right amount of detail to allow closer viewing at more affordable pitches.

An easy addition to LED wall displays

A low profile, custom frame using FideLEDy Vision is designed to fit over any LED display. We know how to get the best fit and accomplish it all… seamlessly.

FideLEDy Vision can go large

Stewart’s process offers FideLEDy Vision fabric in very generous sizes and is designed to fit over any LED display (picture shows back of display.) No matter how big the display, the smoothing and deglossing result of FideLEDy Vision makes a huge difference. This product works wonders.

FideLEDy Vision is removable

FideLEDy Vision is well-engineered and comes with a variety of framing options. The unique framing features allow proper coupling alignment as well as nondestructive removal of the fabric for maintenance and alignment work on the LED display