Retractable, Above Ceiling, Self-Finishing Screen System

Installs neatly into tight ceiling spaces

Cascade is a sleek yet compact, above ceiling, electrically operated screen system with a rich feature set. Electrical hookups and future upgrades can be easily made without ripping the ceiling open thanks to a slotted, self-flanged bezel with a fastener free dust cover. Cascade’s low profile case is only 8 inches tall and will support up to a 12 foot 11 inch wide image area. Available in a full range of Stewart’s 16K+ screen materials. Also available with vertical or horizontal masking.

Installers love this screen

Cascade packs a lot of image area — up to 12 feet 11 inches — into a case that is just 8 inches tall and 9 ¼ inches front to back. The polished appearance of Cascade also conceals a full featured integral control system, the Stewart IMC, providing easy access during installation or for future changes in automation interface as technologies evolve.

Optional masking available

Dual aspect ratios can be achieved by adding either vertical (as shown) or horizontal masking to this screen system. A common choice for vertical masking is a constant height, native Scope aspect ratio of 2.39 or 2.35 which can be masked down to 1.85 Academy Flat or 1.78 HD. With horizontal masking, you can start with a native of 4:3 and mask down to nearly every other aspect ratio.

Great fit and finish

Cascade installs beautifully and finishes with an easy-to-remove dust cover. With proprietary roller tube technology and a super quiet motor, this screen will give you years of sterling service.

Disappears into the ceiling

Press a button and your screen will retract into the ceiling, keeping it clean and safe until your next viewing experience. Cascade gives you high functionality and also frees up wall space so your room can express other ideas besides a place to just watch TV.