Cascade Medio

Retractable, Above Ceiling, Self-Finishing Screen System

A superb, big image projection screen with a sleek, self-finishing flange

Cascade Medio furnishes a streamlined, self-finishing fascia that is intrinsic to the screen enclosure. The fascia mounts just beneath the screen and is in direct contact with the ceiling surface. This medium format screen system supports images up to 17 feet 6 inches in width and can include optional vertical or horizontal masking.

Everyone gets a great seat

When needed, this medium size roller screen drops down efficiently and succinctly. The images on screen are presented with amazing, lifelike color accuracy and with 16K+ resolution capability.

Our robust roller tube assembly sets the stage

Our roller tubes are engineered to carry the weight of the screen evenly and flawlessly. With a big screen, you need a big roller. We mill our own rollers to make sure that each screen has the perfect fit. With Stewart, your screen will deploy consistently, quietly, and with the proper 16K+ screen material that matches perfectly to your venue.

Optional masking available

Dual aspect ratios can be achieved by adding either vertical (as shown) or horizontal masking to this screen system. A common choice for vertical masking is a constant height, native Scope aspect ratio of 2.39 or 2.35 which can then be masked down to 1.85 Academy Flat or 1.78 HD. With horizontal masking, you can start with a native of 4:3 and mask down to nearly every other aspect ratio. Additionally, all of our masking is acoustically transparent, giving just the right balance between sound transmission and absorption of stray light.

Fastener free dust cover lends easy access

Cascade Medio has easy access to the roller assembly as well as to the control system. The case profile offers an elegant, above ceiling answer for delivery of a beautiful, seamless screen in sizes reaching 20 feet in diagonal. Cascade Medio is a great looking screen system in a category filled with clunky competitors.