Cascade Grande

Retractable, Above Ceiling, Self-Finishing Screen System

We do the big screens that no one else can do

We are the pioneers of truly large, retractable screens and we are committed to their continuous evolvement as a core value of our business. Each of our large screen systems has a tensioned roller tube designed for perfect image flatness. All screen systems are UL approved and feature a continuous duty motor, integral low voltage control, and a wide choice of Stewart’s front or rear 16K+ projection fabric.

These are BIG screens

Patriarch, Patrick Stewart invented the roller tube technology necessary to properly support a giant sheet of seamless material in a clean, flat, flawless presentation. Proprietary technology is used to fabricate our roller tubes to create a large, seamless screen surface that minimizes any ladder lines or material wrinkles. No other screen company can give you the build quality of Stewart.

Three, high demand sizes are available

Cascade Grande comes in three essential sizes — the S6, S8, and S10 — each signifying the diameter in inches of the built like a tank, stressed roller tube. These professional screens are powerful machines and will accommodate images from 16 feet 10 inches of image width all the way to 45 feet. Many Cascade Grande models are working full-time in locations such as major universities, notable hotels and many Fortune 500 companies — all giving amazing visual experiences to viewers.

Each screen is custom made to your exact specifications

Each unit is built with your custom drop specifications, matching venue ceiling heights and viewing angles perfectly. The built-in control system is full-featured and will interface into any room automation system. All Cascade Grande models are thoughtfully designed with convenient access panels to allow for future material upgrades and for ease of service. Cascade Grande is truly the granddaddy of all large electric screens.