Cable Climber

Retractable, Cable Deployed Screen System

The answer for impossibly high, ceiling venues

The Cable Climber is designed to make it possible to have a retractable screen in spaces where the ceiling height is disqualifying for most screen systems. Stewart’s dual motor system furnishes one motorized element to raise and lower the screen case and a second motor to deploy a wide range of Stewart’s optically immaculate 16K+ fabrics in sizes up to 16 feet 9 inches of image width. With Cable Climber your problem is solved.

System design made easy

Built on a robust screen platform with a 6 inch roller tube, this screen can provide image widths up to 16 feet 9 inches. The cable system also offers up to 15 feet of case deployment.

Detailed, organized and made to install efficiently

Along with the screen, we provide an as-built mounting plate template for use prior to ceiling structure build-out. The template makes it easy to confirm that everything is going to function as planned before actual installation begins.

Dual LVC package for independent screen and case functionality

The Cable Climber comes standard with dual, low voltage controls to integrate with line of sight key switches, or controlled access automation switching. As always, select from category leading 16K+ Stewart Filmscreen fabrics.