Balón Series

Borderless, or Minimally Bordered Fixed Frame Screen System

Choose a borderless, or minimally bordered fixed frame screen system

The Balón series featuring impeccable fit and finish, is the most progressive fixed frame projection screen system available in the market. This screen can be customized to meet your specific venue. Choose Balón Borderless for a frameless look, or Balón Edge with a minimalistic half-inch border. Also available is the new, Balón Edge UST — an ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen for use with today’s ultra short throw projectors. Get all the “wow,” with Balón and be just one inch away from the wall’s surface.

Balón Borderless

View content without any borders — with Balón Borderless you are truly borderless! There is no frame to outline the content. For a more dramatic effect, Balón Borderless can be mounted away from the wall, creating on-screen images that seemingly appear to float in the room. There is also an LED kit option, and all of Stewart’s front projection materials (including UST) are available for this screen making it very scalable — so go big!  This is a very cool screen.

Balón Edge UST

The lenticular structure of this ALR front projection screen redirects overhead light while still providing maximum return of projector light to the viewing audience. Made specifically for ultra short throw projectors and with optional LED kit, this screen can go up to 120 inches in diagonal, providing you with a big bang for your buck. Our framing system is second to none. No one does this screen better than Stewart.

Balón Edge

This screen system provides a thin, black border that nicely frames the picture. The half-inch black, Velux light absorbing border provides just a touch of projector overscan relief while still providing maximum on-screen image. With a tight, crisp edge you can still go large! All of Stewart’s award-winning, 16K+ front projection screen materials are available in practically any size and any aspect ratio. Optional LED kit available.