Cima FF

Fixed Frame, Snap Screen

A fixed frame snap screen that is robustly built and modestly priced

A quick and easy wallscreen solution that also comes in a wide range of preconfigured, high demand sizes. This screen features a low profile frame and is offered with a choice of two, well-engineered screen surfaces. Cima FF delivers a great image at a great value.

Cima gets rave reviews

With Cima Fixed Frame, we make it easy to say “yes” to having amazing quality at a great price. These screens blow the competition away — dollar for dollar, in quality and performance.

Attractive, compact, Velux covered aluminum frame

The screen fabric is held in perfect tension with an adjustable snap attachment system. Velux covers all visible surfaces and the frame arrives meticulously protected. The bracketing is simple, and assembly and installation is a breeze.

Your choice of two, superb fabrics

Choose Neve when room lighting can be controlled. Choose Tiburon G4 if there is some ambient light present. Both are performance fabrics that will make your content pop. For audiophiles, Neve is also available with Perforado — optional, sound transparency perforation.