AT 3.0

Fixed Frame Screen with Lace and Grommets

When you need to go big…really big

The AT 3.0 frame uses a 3 inch diameter aluminum tube and works with flexible, front projection fabrics up to 40 by 90 feet. For rear projection, aperture mounted applications, the AT 3.0 will work with the same limits and will also free stand to create images up to 13 by 23 feet. The AT 3.0 utilizes shock cord and S-hook fabric mounting — super quick, and super accurate. These fixed framed screens can be configured to wall mount, stand mount, or be used as a flyer. As shown above, the complete line can be ordered bare bones with frame and lacing for use behind set pieces, or the screen can be masked with an overscan, stray light absorbing border, as featured below. Need a curved screen? The AT 3.0 can be curved to any specified radius down to 12 feet.

Rear projection spoken here

The AT 3.0 frame scales beautifully and assembles in minutes. The line continues with flying truss profiles that will take super resolution imaging in rear projection to large scale viewing. These screens are what you watch during awards shows and other high profile, keynote events.

Easy, intuitive assembly with precision build

The AT 3.0 frame system (shown from behind) is built to your exact specifications. Offering the world’s largest seamless 16K+ fabrics — any size, any radius — with an overscan matte border or borderless for set piece integration.

Mitered corners finished by hand

The black, Velux overscan matte border hides all of the frame and lacing, presenting a beautifully fitted and framed image.

A truly large scale, borderless image

The AT 3.0 WrapAround delivers a huge, breathtaking image in an appealing, borderless presentation. Shown in the picture on the left from the front as well as the back, this screen scales beautifully up to 90 feet wide and comes in any aspect ratio. This frame system is a favorite among architects who work on theme park and large format, cinematic presentation spaces. Ordered with or without perforation, this custom built screen will make the event.

Always adaptable for an optimal, simple installation

The AT 3.0 comes with a variety of mounting options which can be tailored to your exact site requirements. Eyebolts for flying mount, brackets for wall mount, extended stanchions to elevate curved frames in front of flat walls, as well as numerous custom variants are all standard vocabulary for the Stewart team.