AT 1.5

Fixed Frame Screen with Lace and Grommets

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AT 1.5 scales up far beyond snap mounted frames

Snap mounted screens can become challenging to install at a fairly modest scale. The next step up is to specify the Stewart AT 1.5 frame, which greatly eases installation. Instead of stretching a fabric to hit a fixed snap location, the AT 1.5 laces onto shock cords and comes away from the frame to meet perfectly at the binding. The AT 1.5 will scale beautifully for front or rear projection surfaces. Stewart pioneered this thoughtfully designed frame with captive lacing. It is magnitudes faster to install an AT 1.5 than it is to lace by hand with an improvised frame. The screen fit and tension are perfect. No guesswork involved. Everyone is happy.

The upholstered Velux overscan border hides all the lacing

Comes with a custom 5 inch overscan border. Also available unmasked for use behind set pieces or behind apertures.