Stealth Medio

Retractable, Above Ceiling Screen System with Trapdoor

Beautiful fit and finish with exquisite image fidelity

Stealth Medio furnishes a concealed, medium size retractable screen with a trapdoor in sizes up to 16 feet 9 inches in image width. You can order a 19 foot 9 inch diagonal unit in 16:10 format and up to a 19 foot 2 ½ inch diagonal in HD format. A generous amount of black area above the image is available. As always, each screen is individually customized to properly fit your ceiling height and match viewing angles. Optional vertical or horizontal, acoustically transparent masking is also available.

Uncompromising quality and lasting utility

The Stealth Medio enclosure is designed to be a lasting asset in the venue. Our enclosures are built so well that we often find that we are asked to only rescreen without building a whole new screen system. Stealth Medio is frequently used in university settings, houses of worship, hotel multipurpose rooms and residential applications.

Masterfully built with a robust, 6 inch roller tube

Unlike our competitors, we tend to offer the option of using larger diameter tubes for our medium size roller screens. This is done to promote screen longevity and to minimize operational noise within the system. Stewart uses a proprietary, “tube within a tube,” drive assembly with a quiet motor and custom made rubber isolation parts to create a long lasting, noise and trouble free screen experience.

Optional masking available

Dual aspect ratios can be achieved by adding either vertical (as shown) or horizontal masking to this screen system. A common choice for vertical masking is a constant height, native Scope aspect ratio of 2.39 or 2.35 which can then be masked down to 1.85 Academy Flat or 1.78 HD. With horizontal masking, you can start with a native aspect ratio of 4:3 and conveniently mask down to nearly every other aspect ratio. Additionally, we offer a wide range of acoustically transparent, masking fabrics. Each fabric is ideally balanced for optimal sonic, as well as visual performance.

Detailed trapdoor closure

We offer trapdoors to finish the ceiling professionally when a soffit or proscenium to conceal the screen system is not in the offing. With Stealth Medio, form follows function with only the elegant essentials remaining. No one will know the screen is in the room until deployment.

Perfect in-ceiling concealment

Press a button and your screen will retract into the ceiling until your next viewing experience. Stealth Medio gives you an exceptionally big image, but also allows you to free up key wall space when not in use.