Stealth Grande

Retractable, Above Ceiling Screen System with Trapdoor

Built to make a big impression…but only when in use

Stewart Filmscreen is the champion provider of large format, electric roller screens. When ceiling mounted, a Stealth Grande S6 can provide up to 23 feet 11 inches of image width and is seamlessly hidden with a trapdoor ceiling closure. Featuring a heavy duty, continuous motor, this screen is designed for recurrent use. These impactful screens can be found in large auditoriums, lecture halls, and major museums — but you will have to look for them. They are well hidden until they are deployed.

The largest concealed screen available anywhere

Other manufacturers run out of gas when the screens get big. We prefer to take it in stride. Stewart is unique in offering a trapdoor equipped, seamless, ultra quality product at this scale. In fact, we are the only screen company who can.

Stealth Grande is built like a tank

Built from aircraft quality 6061 and 6063 T6 alloy, as well as Sintra, a non-combustible, UL approved, recyclable plastic sheet material, Stealth Grande S6 is simply the largest, quality-build, trapdoor screen available on the market. A unique feature is the 6 inch stressed roller tube which keeps the screen material flat and error free when deployed. These screens are working full-time in locations such as universities, major hotels and Fortune 500 companies giving amazing visual experiences to viewers. When not in use, the ceiling where the screen is housed looks precise and uninterrupted.

These are BIG screens

Patriarch, Patrick Stewart invented the roller tube technology necessary to properly support a giant sheet of seamless material in a clean, flat, flawless presentation. Proprietary technology is used to fabricate our roller tubes to create a large, seamless screen surface that minimalizes any ladder lines or material wrinkles. No other screen company can give you the build quality of Stewart.