Fixed Frame Screen System with Various Masking Options

Match your viewing preferences perfectly with precision masking

Deciding what masking to add to a two-piece projection system can seem challenging. Let us intelligently steer you through the process to guarantee your install precisely matches your viewing preferences. We start with a single position, constant height system, deployment masks — giving you a choice of two, perfectly masked aspect ratios. We also offer constant width iterations which provide continuously variable image aspect ratios from the native resolution of your projector to the widest CinemaScope formats possible. Hybrid, four-way systems, combining the two approaches, are also available and will deliver a legacy 4:3 aspect ratio that vintage film cinephiles will love.

Choose vertical masking for two aspect ratios

When you desire a straightforward, simplified system featuring two possible image areas, our WallMask VM with vertical masking is a great choice. A typical configuration is a native Scope screen that will mask down to HD when side masking panels effortlessly deploy. With vertical masking, image width is reduced while image height remains constant. Many projectors will send a 12V trigger signal for change of image formatting. This screen system features automatic control and will correctly change as prompted.

Opt for horizontal masking for continuous variability

The WallMask HM provides multiple aspect ratios, all perfectly matted in the pixel for pixel technique favored in most post-production digital intermediate suites. The system usually starts with a native area equal to the pixel map of the projector, typically 1.78:1 or 1.85:1. Each aspect ratio with a wider format is presented in a constant width variant while the height area remains continuously variable. The horizontal masking raises and lowers image height, all the way to the widest formats. The CVM digital closed loop system is the control package that supports all possible ratios and will work flawlessly to give you a picture perfect image.

Select both vertical and horizontal masking

The WallMask system offers continuously variable horizontal masking panels in conjunction with a single position, vertical, side masking pair. Typical application would be an HD native (1.78:1) image area with the horizontal panels taking the image area into 1.85 and various wider Scope aspect ratios. The vertical side masks take the native image to a 4:3 aspect ratio, or the single deployment pair could take an HD image down to 16:10 for computer applications. WallMask is a perfect partner with the CVM control system.

Choose any Stewart front projection 16K+ fabric

With over 25 different optically immaculate screen fabrics, we make sure you get the right material for your viewing environment. For true, acoustic transparency, add MicroPerf X² THX Ultra to your screen selection.

Advanced, comprehensive control systems

Each WallMask screen system is operated seamlessly via a selection of low voltage controllers ranging from simple 12V triggers to the mighty CVM, a multichannel, encoder equipped, closed-loop control system. The CVM (Continuous Variable Masking) will interface with all of today’s automation platforms, making operation of your system as easy as pushing a few buttons