Rigid Frame Series

Rigid Frame Systems for Glass or Acrylic Substrates

Get the exact feature set needed for your application

Stewart designs and builds a versatile selection of well-engineered framing systems for rigid screens. Begin by first selecting one of our category leading 16K+ rigid screen surfaces, then select one of our custom made frames which aligns best with your installation.

Special framing designs for ultra short throw (UST)

Stewart offers the UST Deluxe Frame and the F-Stop Frame for AeroGlas, CrystalView, and other UST rigid rear projection surfaces. The UST Deluxe Frame supports images up to 10 feet in width, with a 3 ¼ inch reveal all the way around the image, with a slim, 1 ½ inch frame depth. The F-Stop Frame scales to the limits of international glazing availability — 10 ½ feet by 29 feet 11 inches. The F-Stop Frame has a 1 ¼ inch reveal all the way around the glass and presents a 3 ½ inch sill depth, front to back.

The Wedge Frame with zero-edge

The Wedge Frame system was first developed for aerospace applications for use in cockpit simulation. Multiple units of irregular polygon shapes are combined to form an immersive powerhouse imaging system. The Wedge Frame module features a depth of 4 ¼ inches, front to back, with an acceptance angle designed for zero-edge, enabling light paths to merge at nearly any focal length. Each Wedge Frame system is custom-engineered and precision cut. Our lamination process, under our ISO 9001:2015 quality system, will result in a gorgeous visual display with superb fit and finish.

Storefront frames install easily and scale beautifully

The Perimeter 1500 and Perimeter 2000 frames offer two different scales of the same frame and share a common function and feature set. These systems offer removable stops which allow installation from either the viewing or the projection side. The P1500 occupies just 2 inches, front to back, to compactly fit any aperture. The framing system adds 1 ¾ inches to the image area and works with any ¼ inch or ⅜ inch based rigid substrate — up to 10 feet in width. P2000 is ideal for larger, half inch thick glass and measures 3 inches, front to back, while adding 2 inches all around the image area. P2000 comfortably frames anything up to 29 feet 11 inches in width.

Clearly see the possibilities

Stewart Filmscreen provides numerous rigid screen options for various applications. Our team of highly trained specialists use a custom lamination process that will provide a flawless bond between our rear projection films and the substrate of your choice. We offer standard acrylic and glass substrates as well as custom safety laminated glass substrates in custom shapes and sizes.