Retractable, Above Ceiling, Dual Screen System

Now you can get the best of both worlds…day or night

This unique screen system offers two separate fabrics in a retractable configuration. Specify Phantom or FireHawk in HD format for daytime viewing. Then, have a reference cinema fabric in Scope format to enjoy your favorite movies at night. No one but Stewart makes this screen.

Daytime viewing at its best

Watch the news and all of your favorite shows in HDTV format 16:9 aspect ratio. Also remember to specify Phantom HALR, high ambient light rejection screen material, and daytime light interference will cease to be a problem.

Enjoy perfect night time viewing, too

Switch screens and enjoy your favorite movies in widescreen CinemaScope 2:35:1. Specify a Stewart 16K+ reference fabric, and enjoy watching films as they were made to be seen.

Two screen surfaces with maximum flexibility

Have a high ambient light surface available for game day and a reference cinema surface for movie night. With a push of a button, Gemini allows you to change screen surfaces and aspect ratios with ease.