Retractable, Floor Mounted Screen System

For unique venues, a precision roller screen flipped upside down

The AllRise is the ideal solution when projection is needed, but the room does not accommodate a traditional, drop down or ceiling mounted screen. Emerging from a low mounted housing on precision driven arms, the AllRise is designed to fully deploy without blocking the image area. Typical applications include historic, architectural spaces which cannot be modified, as well as high ceiling houses of worship and many other multi-use venues where vaulted ceilings do not allow for a descending screen to be mounted from above. The AllRise is fully featured with Tab-Guy tensioning, and is available in all front and rear, category leading, 16K+ projection screen fabrics up to 16 feet in image width.

The screen surface rises out of a floor mounted enclosure

The AllRise solves the problem of how to introduce two-piece projection when either the ceiling is too high or the wall is too far away to mount a screen. The operating mechanism of the screen system is housed below the image area.

Equipped with trapdoor

AllRise comes with an integral trapdoor to keep airborne dust and foreign objects away from the screen surface. Typically housed in credenza type enclosures, placed in floor vaults, or rolled into position on casters, this screen system can solve a big problem.

AllRise Medio lets you go bigger

When a larger image is needed, we can take this screen into bigger sizes. The AllRise Medio is available in any Stewart front or rear 16K+ projection surface up to a maximum image area of 9 by 16 feet. The unit features a continuous duty motor and driven lead screws, all controlled via precision limits. This screen is truly an ideal solution to a difficult problem.

The control system follows your intention

For ease of use, the requisite low voltage control can be operated via a built-in keypad or by an infrared, accessory remote. The system is easy to program just the way you want.